Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year

It's a new year? I never see it coming, but it always does. So I'm declaring 2006 the Year of Selfish Crafting... Sort Of. What I mean by this is that I'm finally going to make time to knit and crochet things for myself. Things that are larger than an iPod Cozy! The "Sort Of" is because most of my pending projects are, of course, for other people. So what am I planning on making this year? For myself, the Adamas Shawl and maybe a sweater. And a stocking cap and mittens? For others, I have some socks to finish up, a scarf and mittens set, and I have to work on some sweaters and blankies for my niece. I also plan on a couple of hat and bootie sets for The Preemie Project each month. And of course, I'll fill in this plan with lots of random little projects, I'm sure. But the point is, I'm at last not going to continually put off making things for myself in favor of making things for other people.

I started off the year by finishing my Panta. I used some leftover Cascade Quatro and a US8 Addi Turbo, and I really like how it worked up.

Me in Panta

Then, I worked on Mom's birthday scarf. There's not much to show yet, but here's the lovely texture of a lot of single crochets.

Mom's Scarf Progress

In other news, I did some online shopping for the Crochetville Winter Wool Swap. It was very exciting; I love shopping for other people. I like to be able to pick some of my favorites and share them, but also to see new things and try to find things my partner will like. I actually like the sending part of swaps better than the receiving, but as this swap is all wool/alpaca, I am very excited to see what comes my way.

And now, I'm off to do some studying.


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The Adamas Shawl is beautiful. You definitely need to make one for yourself.

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