Friday, December 09, 2005

Finals Week.

Well, now that I've finally reached the last day of classes for the semester, it's time to start panicking about finals week. Which, in all honesty, I should have been doing for the last, oh, month, but I'm sure it'll work out. I only have three research papers to write, and nine essays to grade. And, of course, holiday knitting. And work. But I can't complain about work too much; it gives me a chance to update my blog!

Let's see, this week I've been working on another little scarflette, and it's almost done and ready to gift. I'm making this one out of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk, and it's pretty. Up next is a Branching Out in sportweight Blue Sky Alpaca. Also, I'm working on a design for a felted/embroidered bag, and I've ordered the yarn for a series of wonderful mittens a la Kate Gilbert. I decided on Knit Picks Sierra, which I've not tried before. Despite this, I'm sure I'll love it, because I've loved all of the yarn that's come my way from them. That seems like a manageable to do list, right? Right?

Don't worry, though, I've got it all mapped out on my calendar, and my mom doesn't care if her scarf is late. And if it'll be late, I'll just crochet up some dishcloths to tide her over in the meantime. Also, I've purchased a small quantity of gifts so that even if the knitting isn't done, there'll be stuff under the tree for everyone. And I've got to go burn some mix CDs, because I'm, like, the only person in my family who doesn't have a CD player in their car (mom, stepdad, dad, stepmom, and sister all have one, and my tape deck doesn't even work).

Best of luck to everyone on their knitting; mine will make an excellent study break for the next week, and I'm an expert at study breaks.


Blogger Heather said...

It's really kind of you to want to make everybody's gifts this year. It's nice when people buy you things, but when you receive handmade gifts it really tells you how important you are to someone that they would spend so much time doing something just for you!

I know your finals week will go well--it seems like a lot to do, but you'll get it done, and done well. You'll have plenty of time for study breaks too, and besides, I'm here to take care of things while you work/study. :)

10:54 AM  
Blogger Wool Winder said...

Good luck on your finals and research papers. I always loved how a new semester meant a fresh start.

9:24 AM  

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