Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Holiday Knitting (and Stashing!)

Well, here I am. Jennifer graciously postponed the Holiday Knitalong update, and I thought I'd take advantage of it to tell y'all what I've been up to.

Thanksgiving was wonderful; I got a whole week off from school and work, so I went to Louisville to visit Heather and, for the first time, actually cook a whole Thanksgiving dinner (sans turkey). Also, I went yarn shopping. I visited Knit Nook and Sophie's Fine Yarn Shop. Wow. Double wow. Both were great stores with friendly staff members and delicious yarn. If I could only go back to one, though, it'd be Sophie's. That store was awesome; it was almost like a yarn overload, plus they had all sorts of patterns, buttons, and knitting supplies. And everyone was just so nice. They even invited Heather to come to their knitting night for 20-30 somethings. Check it out if you're ever in Louisville, although it is kind of out of the way (but so worth it!).

So what did I buy? Yarn for Christmas gifts! I got some great colors of Cascade 220 for a felted bag for my stepmom, and some Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk for a scarflet for a friend. I also managed to finish a scarflet for another good friend. Of course, I have no pictures, because I left the cable that connects my camera to my computer in Kentucky.

What else? I've got one mitten done, only three to go. And my dear mother, bless her, made a request last night. See, I was going to make her a nice lace scarf out of chocolately brown alpaca. Nice, pretty quick, but iffy as a good gift for her because of the care it requires. Well, last year I crocheted her a hooded scarf out of Wool-Ease Sportweight. That thing was massive, and it took quite a while. She told me that she loves it, but she thinks it's got too many holes. She wants another, "closer knit." So now I know I've got to change tactics, the hooded scarf will definitely be appreciated more than the lace. Fortunately, I got a big bag of KP Andean Silk in the mail on Monday; that just may become a giant hooded scarf.

So, that's one and a half more gifts down, and plenty of yarn purchased for the rest (as if I really needed more). And now, back to my regularly scheduled homework (only two and a half weeks left).


Blogger Heather said...

Aw, I'm glad you had fun down here. And I come home for break the day after tomorrow! Whee! I'm excited. It'll be nice to just be at home and work on crafty things with you. I can't wait to see how your mom's scarf works up, and I promise not to bother you for help too much with all of my own impending projects.

I agree with your analyses of the local yarn stores as well; both were great, though Sophie's did have a bigger selection. Maybe after you relocate we could check out their knitting night, huh?

Thanks for the update, and I know your homework will go well! See you soon!

8:47 PM  

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