Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mmmm, silk and wool....

So, I got a pound of Zephyr(!) over at eBay awhile back for a very good price; I linked to the seller's store, because I found her to be a good seller (and really fast shipper). But what to do with a pound of laceweight silk and wool? Well, I had a wrap pattern I was going to start, but I really wanted to make Birch. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the Kidsilk Haze stashed away for Birch, but I really really wanted to start it, so I started with the Zephyr. Here's the progress as of a couple of days ago... there's about twice that now.

Birch Beginnings

Verdict on the yarn so far: it's gorgeous! I thought I would never be able to use a whole pound, but there'll be no problem with that :)

Verdict on the pattern so far: it's ridiculously easy. I memorized practially by reading through it. Of course, it's also beautiful and I can't wait to finish. I love the orientation of the lace motifs, which is what prevented me from simply knitting Kiri.

And now? I'm going to get back to my knitting.