Thursday, August 18, 2005

No crochet news, but a post nonetheless

Anyone else really like the word nonetheless? I like the runtogetherness of it. It feels daring, even though it's not.

Anyway, as the title states, I've really got no fibery news, but I've been feeling the overwhelming desire to post something. I just don't know what. Today was a nice day; meetings in the morning, break for lunch and part of the afternoon, followed up by a few interviews. Much more relaxed than yesterday: listen to a series of 10 minute lectures, get lunch, listen to more lectures, go type in a cold, dark box. Seriously, I'm a quick typer (80ish WPM, 99% accuracy), but I was so cold that I continuously made typos and felt as if my fingers were large frozen bratwursts.

Tomorrow I just have to go work at the info booth in the morning, and then in the afternoon I'm free. To clean my apartment and write up lesson plans so that I don't completely embarrass myself when I walk into the first class I'll be paid to teach on Monday. Of course, the likelihood that I'll embarrass myself anyway is pretty high. Oh, well.

Highlight of my day yesterday was purchasing How to be a Domestic Goddess while browsing the bookstore. I wasn't going to buy it there, as I knew it would be cheaper on Amazon, but then I discovered that I did indeed have a textbook to buy, so I may as well buy another book. Go ahead, read the textbook's excerpt at Anyone else love acronyms?

I like that word, too (acronym). Much better than papasan. It took me the longest time to remember what the word for those silly bowl-like chairs that are so easy to break were called, and when I could remember, the word reminded me so much of Papa John's that I'll never think it's an appropriate name for furniture as opposed to food.


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