Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I think I've hit a slump. It just feels like it's been forever since I've finished anything, you know? Since May the only things I've finished have been swatches of knitting and crocheted dishcloths, and yet I feel like I've got half a million WIPs. Let's see, right now I've got:

Knitted Baby Cardigan 70% done
Knitted iPod Cozy (blue) 95% done
Knitted iPod Cozy (pink) 30% done
Pike Place Market Bag in hand dyed yarn 20% done
Crocheted Sweater/Shrug 40% done, to be frogged today as I hate it, and it's for me
Crocheted pencil bags (2) 35% done, after being reinvented

The problem with all this is that I've seen about five hundred things I desperately want to make, but I can't bring myself to start anything more until I actually finish something else. Except that pink iPod cozy, I just started that last night. But that's the last thing I'm starting until I finish more stuff, and preferably something crocheted, as I feel I've been neglecting that and it's my favorite.

And a light bulb just lit above my head: I have to start something new, and right away! My sister's baby is due Aug 2, but it seems that was overestimated, and they're going to induce July 28th. Last week I frogged the baby blanket I was working on with every intention of restarting it right away, but that didn't happen. Now I have five fewer days to work! Well, there goes my plan of not starting anything else. I've got to start that blanket tonight, and as soon as it's done, I've got to finish a Pike Place felted bag, as it's promised to my coworker.

In other news, I got a huge box of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in the mail yesterday. It's got eleven balls of Tomato, and eleven big hanks of natural just waiting to be dyed with Kool-Aid. It feels similar to LB Fishermen's Wool (as they're obviously both 100% wool); they're both a little rougher than I would regularly use, but I think they'll both be fine when felted. The advantage of the Knit Picks is that it's a few dollars cheaper than the LB.

I'm not that much of a yarn snob, I just can't spend $8 on 50g of yarn. I do have high standards when it comes to how the yarn feels, though. What do I mean by that? That I probably wouldn't pick Red Heart Super Saver for a project, not because it's acrylic or because it's sold at Wal-Mart, but because it's scratchy. I want to make things I'll feel comfortable cuddling up with, so if I need something cheap, I go with Caron Simply Soft or something like it. I have jumped headfirst into Knit Picks yarn, mostly because it's gorgeous and inexpensive. I just hope I'm not yet a snob about what I use, if only because my budget would never allow it....


Blogger Deneen said...

The Red Heart does soften with washing, not the variegated, but the regular colors. I love the Caron One Pounder for bigger projects, not enough colors though. I am dying to try Knit Picks and must soon, but I have to go through my stash first. You're not a snob, just "moving on up".

3:05 PM  
Blogger Jessi said...

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Blogger Jessi said...

I deleted my comment cause I messed up on something and I couldn't just edit! Anyway I know what you mean about slumps...I've been in one too. It seems I do this every summer and don't pick up the pace until the weather cools. Hang in there...inspirationwill come. Probably in the form of that knit picks yarn...I love the price and color selections they have. I have been wanting to try some and will soon. I like Simply Soft too. I don't use the RH for too much but I was sent a wonderful comfortghan made from it and it does soften with washing. Get those hooks flying on that baby blankie!!!!

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