Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Long Day

So, I'm going to share a frustration with everyone who reads my blogs, with the disclaimer that I'm not really that upset, I just wish I'd been able to eat lunch before 3:30 this afternoon.

A friend of mine emailed me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I'd be able to meet him for lunch to catch up before school starts again next week. Well, I'm really busy, so I told him that there were only two days in all of three weeks that I was free for more than half an hour at lunchtime. We arranged to meet today. Now, I admit, I could have saved myself a bit of frustration by confirming when and where we were meeting before today, but I assumed based on the wording of the emails we exchanged that we would meet at 12:30 when I got off work, at my workplace on campus. I assumed we would then get lunch somewhere near campus, because I had to be at my other campus job at 2:10.

So, I left work a little late, as he hadn't stopped by and I work at a very public place and I had things to finish. Then I went to punch out, and came back up to wait. Well, at 12:45 I was wondering where he was, but he's got young kids, so I figured he was just running late or something. Then I started getting paranoid that we were supposed to meet somewhere else, so I checked my email, but there was nothing. Now, I didn't have this guy's phone number (I know, I really should be better prepared), so I had to call Heather in Kentucky and get her to give me his number, and then I called. Well, he had completely forgotten. At this point, it's 1:05, and I'm hungry, since I ate breakfast at 6:45am. I told him not to worry about meeting me, since he was hanging out with some other people, but he said, "No, no, I made a committment, I'll be there in 15 minutes." So I wait. Outside. In the 90 degree heat. He shows up at 1:25, and asks if I want to grab coffee. I don't like coffee, and I was really hot, but fortunately the coffee place was closed, so we just sat and chatted. Then, at 2:08 I finally get it into the conversation that I've got to go, so I have to hike up a hill, and do some interviews, and be really really hungry and thirsty.

Moral of the story: It was nice to catch up, but if you tell someone you'll treat them to lunch and they've wasted and hour of their 1.5 hour lunch break waiting for you, either take them somewhere fast or don't bother coming so that they can go get something on their own.

The good news is, that I've started another project. I know, I know, is that really good news? Well, I've got to go to two weddings in the next few weeks, and I've decided to make myself a capelet to wear. I picked up some Joann Sensation's Rainbow Boucle (for the first time, I might add) to make a Star Crossed Capelet. I hope it works out, and quickly. Anyone out there tried one of these?


Blogger Deneen said...

I do hate when people are late for things-sigh.

I've used the Rainbow Boucle, but haven't done that pattern. Word of advice for the boucle, go up a hook size.

7:05 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

Yikes. That would be really irritating. Since he forgot about the appointment completely, it's probably pretty safe to assume he forgot about the lunch component too, though as you mentioned that to him on the phone...

I'm really excited to see your progress on the new project. I've never even thought about making anything resembling a capelet before, so please keep us posted on how you're enjoying it. And--as always--I'm submitting a request for photos of the finished product. :)

9:57 AM  

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