Friday, August 19, 2005

Book? No book? I don't know.

So, when I checked my email about half an hour ago, I was ecstatic. I don't know about the rest of you, but sometimes I'll pre-order things at, and not remember (other than Harry Potter), and then I get an email telling me my order has shipped, and it's like a surprise birthday party or something! I can't wait to get the book I ordered, Wrap Style. So I clicked on delivery estimate, and it said October 4th! What?! That's right. So what did I do? I fired off an irritated email to Amazon's customer service, of course.

And right after that, I went over to the book's page, which I should have done before the email, I know. And on that page, it appears that the book isn't released until Sept. 28 (remember, I forget when these things are coming out). So now I've made a fool of myself, although it's irritating that they sent an email saying my package was shipped if it hasn't been. Or maybe that date is wrong? Anyway,, I heartily apologize if I've been foolish. Hopefully they're courteous when they reply so that I can apologize meekly.

Anyone else pre-order this and get a delivery notification? 'Cause now, I'm thoroughly confused.

UPDATE 08/20: Amazon emailed me back and said that it really did ship (so it's released? The item page still says no), and that I should have it by August 26th. I tracked the package through their site, and it says my package is currently in Ohio, and on its way here, but the delivery estimate is still Oct. 4th. We'll see what happens. I remain Thoroughly Confused.


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