Thursday, May 25, 2006

Knitting? What's that?

I promised a crafty update, and here it is.

You see, I've got lot a lot of projects lined up, and maybe even time to carry them out! Here's a handily bulleted list of stuff I want to do this summer. Maybe we'll check back at the end of the summer and see how I did....

Jaywalkers: They were pictured in the last post, but I knew then that I'd have to frog them. I'm not getting gauge, and I think it might be because the Claudia Handpainted yarn is a little too thick for the pattern. The good news is that the green yarn in that same photo, from All Things Heather is both gorgeous and the right size for Jaywalkers.

Pomatomus: So what to do with the other yarn? I'm planning to make some Pomatomus socks for Heather with the Claudia Handpainted ('cause I really doubt they'll fit me, and that green sock yarn was a "you finished two final papers in a day and a half present" for myself).

Baby Cardigan: Libby was working on one of these at knitting night, and I decided to make one for little Ainsley (her birthday is in July, which means I've gotta start soon). I got some nice red yarn yesterday, so I'll try to start ASAP.

Birch: I've got the yarn, we'll see when I get the pattern. I've already ordered the book, but the book's on backorder? Whatever it is, I've got one online store I'll not order from again....

Washcloths: I thought I'd give some of these to my sister for her wedding. Of course, I'll feel cheap, but that's life. I'll buy some kitcheny thing, too, but that dress was expensive and I'm essentially unemployed.

Other stuff: I don't have links for this stuff, but I've got a cardigan in the planning stages, yarn for mittens, ideas for felted bags, sewn handbags, sewn aprons, a sundress in a nice aqua cotton fabric, and all sorts of stuff to work on for the Preemie Project!

What to start first? I'm thinking that sweater for Ainsley.

In other news, I used to disguise my yarn as boxes underneath a foosball table. But as of this afternoon, the foosball table's gone! My cousin's husband drove a couple of hours to pick it up (it's gotta stay in the family and all that), and while it will be missed, it means there's tons of extra space in my apartment now! Of course, now I have to find another way to disguise the yarn... including the yarn that came in the mail today! More on that later, I promise....


Blogger Wool Winder said...

We are never at a loss for something to knit. It's the time that's lacking. Have fun with all your projects!

9:30 AM  

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