Saturday, July 29, 2006

I hate moving.

(And by the way, I really can't believe it's been so long since I posted!)

Anyway, I'm getting all set for a big move to Louisville on Monday, and I hate moving. See, about a quarter of the population of Iowa City up and moves on one weekend a year, causing a shortage of moving trucks. Knowing this, and knowing that I would be moving halfway across the country on said weekend, I reserved a U-Haul almost a month in advance. About a week after that, I got an email saying that there is a high volume of reservations that weekend, and they would appreciate my patience and flexibility in terms of the location at which I would pick up a truck. But they assured me that they would make sure I got moved! So then I set up the whole move-out appointment with my landlord, etc., and got friends lined up to move stuff. And today, the big day I get to find out when I pick up a truck, arrives. And the time by which they told me I'd hear from someone comes and goes. So I call the company, and the only response I could get, after 20 minutes of being on hold? There's nothing. Absolutely no equipment *anywhere.* Of course, that's got to be an exaggeration, but nothing's budging, except the fact that they say I have to switch my reservation to a day after the original reservation. There's *nothing* they can do, and they'll call if something comes in a day early, blah blah blah.

Well, the only thing I could do was hang up and call my landlord. Who informed me that I can't move out Monday because that's when the new tenant's moving in.

So now I'm on hold again, when I should be cleaning my apartment. And I wouldn't be upset if this were an in town move, I'd just load up my brand-spankin'-new-to-me SUV and move all of our stuff somewhere, and find something to do about the futon. My dad's got a pickup, and he only lives 3 hours away, you know? But it's not across town, it's a 500 mile move across four states!

In positive news, just about everything is packed! And if the apartment weren't filled with boxes and I weren't waiting on hold, I could be cleaning.


20 minutes later: They finally picked up, only to hang up on me. Seriously. Now I'll spend another 20 minutes on hold, I'm sure. So far, I've wasted an hour.

In other news, Birch is 80% done, and I think I'll work on that while I'm on hold.


Blogger Wool Winder said...

That's one of the worst moving stories I've heard in a while. I'm hoping it worked out and you are already in your new home by the time you read this. Let me know how things turned out. What a mess!

8:34 AM  

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