Saturday, July 02, 2005

Long Process

Hmmm. It's taking longer than I anticipated to get the yarn in shape to dye. I think that may be because I have three skeins of Fishermen's Wool (24 ounces!!) to wind around my ever-obliging desk chair's back. I've got two skeins done and tied into eight hanks. Then I had to pause for dinner, as I've been forgetting meals recently. I know it seems odd, forgetting meals. But I normally don't eat breakfast anyway, and I forgot dinner last night (wrapped up in yarn research, I think). This morning I was kind of hungry (surprise surprise), so I went to the grocery store because I needed food if I was going to eat. I had to go get some yarn first, and after the groceries I had to stop by and pay the cable bill, and when I got back, I put the food away and forgot to eat. I finally remembered when my friend called to ask if I was ready to go down to the Jazz Festival around three and said she needed to get something to eat, and I realized that I did too.

At any rate, I George Foremaned some tasty pork chops for dinner, and now I have to wash a bunch of glasses (my least favorite dish to wash, and therefore the one that's always pushed to the end of the line) so that my sink is ready for yarn. Hmmm, I'll probably have to clean out the sink before I put any yarn in there, too. But I told myself that I wasn't allowed to dye the yarn until the dishes were (mostly*) done, so I'd better get cracking if I want the yarn to be ready to dry overnight, and I want to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

The skeins of wool are lovely, though, and calling to me, so I'll update later, and hopefully be able to tell you all that my yarn is bright and cheerful!

* Experience tells me that I won't really wash all of the dishes. Everything has to be washed by hand, and therefore I usually only get 100% of the dirtys clean if I'm going to be out of my apartment for a week or longer. It works, right?


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