Sunday, July 03, 2005

Cleaning Out My Camera

Some interesting pics to post real quick. Up next, of course, will be more on my dyeing experience, but I thought I'd split the posts for any low-bandwidth friends.

I found a photo on my camera this morning of some squares I sent off for a comfortghan, and thought I'd share.

Comfortghan Squares

I got the square pattern out of 200 Crochet Squares. It was super simple and I really like how they turned out. The book itself is okay; I really like a lot of the squares, but I find the thought of making a whole afghan out of squares rather more daunting now than I did when I bought the book.

What's next? Oh, yeah! I've been building up my stash recently. Two weeks ago I got this yarn in the mail, which is earmarked for dishcloth use. The color is much nicer in person, but this is the only photo I could get.

Green Cotton

And I got some lovely thread, mentioned in an earlier post. Here's the picture!

New Threads

It's really really pretty. Don't know quite yet what I'll be making; I'll just wait for inspiration to hit me.


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