Saturday, April 30, 2005

Well, it sure has been a long week

Boy, I thought this week would never end; I've had papers and final projects galore to do. I managed to finish them all and a lapghan! Okay, so I still have to finish the border, but that's okay. I don't know the measurements right now, but it's not getting any bigger because I have to start a ten page paper this weekend.

Also, I got this shawl pattern from Stitch Diva Studios last week, and I'm working on one of those. That's another reason that I've decided not to make the lapghan a full fledged afghan, even though I don't have to mail it till Monday or Tuesday- if I can finish up a shawl, too, then I'll have two very different items to send, and hopefully get more money at the auction for Jerry.

In other crafty news (although it's not crochet...), I've got some tea towels to embroider for Mother's Day. My parents are divorced, and I embroidered some hankies for my dad's birthday earlier this month, and I think she was a little sad that I didn't show up with something for her, too. I also have to finish another dishcloth for Mom, because she loves the last one I made her. It makes my heart all warm to know that she uses it every day.

That's the great thing about moms; no matter how goofy looking the thing you make them, they'll always love it and be proud of you.


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Hi Megan. Nice blog! Welcome to Crochetville!

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